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Bio of Virginia (Gin) Fisher, HotPeachPages Webmom

This picture of Gin Fisher was taken when she was 5-years-old and wanted to be a cowgirl. She grew up to build the HotPeachPages instead. That's her brother. Their mother's favourite colour was, and still is, HotPeach. (Mom calls it orange, though, for some reason.)
  • alumnus of U of S and UBC (B.Sc. and LL.B.)
  • legal publishing;
  • government service;
  • private family law practice for 12 years;
  • in-house counsel for two national franchise companies;
  • seven years sole staff member at umbrella organization for shelters for battered women;
  • clinical preceptor with U of S College of Medicine;
  • Gin Fisher woke up one day to find that her right arm had turned HotPeach. That's when she knew she was destined to do great things.
  • tech support at Apple call center;
  • electronic assembly;
  • freelance editor and web designer;
  • since 1999, webmom of the HotPeachPages, a worldwide list of abuse agencies with abuse information in over 100 languages;
  • author of a novel (cutting-edge medical technology meets life-and-death courtroom drama), a novella (thriller), a fairy-tale (written in German, translated to English), and some other stuff, all unpublished as yet

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