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How many countries?

  • The HotPeachPages lists agencies for every country in the world (about 230) except for two. We haven't yet found agencies for Equatorial Guinea or North Korea, though we've spent hundreds of hours looking. Other than the United Nations and the HotPeachPages, no other social-change website on Earth lists agencies for even two-thirds of the world’s countries.

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How many languages?

  • Of all the millions of social-change web sites on the internet, the 111 languages of the HotPeachPages is 2nd only to the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, where the Universal Declaration of Human Rights is available in 440 languages.

    • The UN High Commissioner’s project to make the Universal Declaration of Human Rights available in so many languages from one site is the result of a global cooperative effort by many partners.

    • All-in-all, at least 140 separate offices around the world (many with sizeable staff and most with operating budgets) contributed translations to the UN High Commissioner’s project.

  • The multi-lingual resources of the HotPeachPages, on the other hand, were brought together in one place through the efforts of one woman without means.

  • Since 2008, HotPeachPages EarthWords has been on a short list on the Unicode site as an example website extensively using Unicode, along with the BBC, Reuters, Columbia University Kermit Project and Wikipedia. Unicode allows the characters of all the world's languages to be displayed on screen at the same time.

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Other Noteworthy Features

  1. Whenever possible, text is used instead of images of text, especially for navigation buttons. Translation software can't translate text that's part of an image and search engines can’t always read it.

  2. Links are provided to home pages and to pages inside the sites, especially to member contact info, as it is sometimes hard to find. Example from Alabama:

    Since inside links break much more often than links to home pages, maintaining the HotPeachPages is much more work because of this feature.

  3. Multi-page pdfs are split into sections to make the information more accessible. See:

  4. Language names are in English and the target language. See: Site Map » EarthWords.

  5. Most links are in the target language. Example:

    Scroll down the HotPeachPages' Languages A to K page, from Afrikaans to Kurdi, looking at all the links in all those target languages. You will not find anything like this anywhere else on the internet, not even on the United Nations group of sites, not even for 10 languages.

  6. All titles on the Multi-Lingual page are in the target language. Example: Go to Domestic violence hurts the whole family and hover over each language. (Hover doesn't work on a touchpad.)

  7. Access to all versions of a multi-lingual resource is in one place (the Multi-Lingual page), allowing direct service workers who read one language to know what they are giving to survivors who read another (same example as for 6 above). Each multi-lingual resource on the Multi-Lingual page is also listed under each language on the Languages A to K and Languages L to Z pages. More extra work.

    In January 2013, we received an inquiry about this very feature from a Canadian woman working in Community Specialised Victim Services:
    "I am looking for Domestic Violence information in different languages. Do you have English translation of the material you provide so a worker who speaks only English can provide a client with information in her language, but the worker can follow along in English with the person speaking say Portuguese, for instance?"
    Our reply: "Our multi-lingual page is set up to provide exactly what you are looking for. Go to the page and do a search, using Find, for the client's language. All but two or three of the resources on this page have an English version." HPP webmom, January 2013

  8. There are links between countries and languages. Example: Above the list of agencies for Albania, there is a link to the Albanian language resources, and, at the bottom of the list of Albanian language resources, there is a link to Albania.

  9. The Wayback Machine is used when needed. Example: Nine of the first ten links for East Timor.

  10. Google Translate is at the top of every page.

  11. Longevity: Websites disappear from the internet all the time, mostly because they take a lot of work and commitment and need knowledgeable personnel, or because funds to cover the costs run out. Here's a list of just a few of the sites the HotPeachPages once linked to that suddenly just ceased to be there. (The links I've provided here take you to where these disappeared sites are stored on the Internet Archive, using the Wayback Machine):

    • Arab Women Connect: 2001 to 2007; solid directory for the Mideast; funded through the UNIFEM Arab States Regional Office

    • AVIVA: from England; 1996 to 2006; a remarkable early global effort; here's their goodbye

    • Broken Spirits Network: 2001 to 2010; an American global abuse directory

    • Online Women in Politics: 2002 to 2013; great directory for Asia; originally funded by United Nations Development Programme

    • Project Blue Sky: 2001 to 2006; in English, Chinese, Japanese and Korean; funded by the Ontario Women’s Directorate (OWD), Japanese Social Services (JSS), Chinese Family Services of Ontario (CFSO), and Korean Canadian Women’s Association (KCWA), but still disappeared

    • Salidumay: 2001 to 2006; funded by PLDT Foundation (Philippines Long Distance Telephone Company); had an incredible, early online directory of women's organizations in the Philippines

    • 2002 to 2011; THE dedicated directory for shelters in Canada, with information in ten languages. The site was always announcing new funders, and had enthusiastic paid staff. ( is not stored on the Internet Archive because of the type of database technology it used. The link takes you to the one page that is left, which has an amazing list of initial supporters.) On paper, if any one site on this list should have outlived the HotPeachPages, was it.

    I was shocked and saddened at each disappearance. Five out of the seven started out with solid funding, and all of them had multiple staff or contributors, but still, they're gone.
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1We are not responsible for the quality of the resources listed. They are provided as a reference only.

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