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Thanks! from agencies that use the HotPeachPages

women of Sudan

"Your resource is PRICELESS! I work at a Maternity Center as a Social Worker and I met a woman from Morocco who was being abused by her American husband. Her husband has been using her immigration status and language barrier to control and mistreat her. I looked on websites of our local agencies but I could find NO INFORMATION in Arabic (?!). Then I googled "Arabic DV info" and your site came up. The information I was able to print and share with her was sooo valuable. She is able to read this information and understand that what is going on is wrong. I was also able to give her a copy of a safety planning guide that I could go over with her, as I had the English copy for myself from your site as well. How wonderful that you exist!

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

I will be contacting local DV agencies to suggest they link to your website for language resources." near Philadelphia, USA 2014


"I am looking for Domestic Violence information in different languages. Do you have English translation of the material you provide so a worker who speaks only English can provide a client with information in her language, but the worker can follow along in English with the person speaking say Portuguese, for instance?" Ksan Society, BC, Canada 2013

Our reply: "Our multi-lingual page is set up to provide exactly what you are looking for. Go to the page and do a search, using Find, for the client's language. All but two or three of the resources on this page have an English version." HPP webmom 2013

"We often refer your service as a resource for survivors and friends and family of survivors who write to us for help. Hot Peach Pages is an invaluable resource and unique, to our knowledge. We know our Say NO partners, and viewers from all over the world, can benefit from it and we would like to link to Hot Peach Pages to make it easy to do so." UN Women 2011


"The HotPeachPages has assisted Edmonton Women's Shelter (aka WIN House) in our crisis work and brought relief to the faces of women when they read information about abuse in their own language. We can acknowledge the diversity of our community by referring abused women from many nations to a resource that will offer them help in their own language." Edmonton Women's Shelter, AB, Canada 2009


"I just wanted to send you a quick thanks for your wonderful site. I don't know where the idea to set up a global resource for SV/DV crisis centers came from, but I have used it many times. I work at the Chicago Rape Crisis Center and we have gotten calls from various places in the world. Nice to know you are there when we need help. ... Again, thank you, thank you, thank you!" Chicago Rape Crisis Hotline, a program of the YWCA of Metropolitan Chicago, USA 2007


"Thanks so much for your site. We link to it from our resources section. The international agencies you provide are especially useful for us. Sometimes we hear from people in other countries, and, because we only provide services in the US, we direct them to your site for help." RAINN (Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network), USA 2006


"I would like to thank you for your work and the amazing resource you have created with HotPeachPages. It is the first place I go to when searching for resources for our clients, who are Americans experiencing domestic violence overseas. Thank you again for all of the wonderful work you do—keep it up!" Americans Overseas Domestic Violence Crisis Center, USA 2006


"Many thanks for the HotPeachPages—very useful in our crisis work—a lot of women contact us from all over the world, a lot through the Rape Relief website, and we're able to track down supports closer to home much more easily now." Vancouver Rape Relief & Women's Shelter, BC, Canada 2004


"These new web pages mean that overnight, we go from basically zero accessibility to tools of this sort for use with clients, to 99% accessibility. For women whose first language is Dene or Cree, the fact that abuse information in those languages is so easily available to service providers will be very powerful. I see it in my own work all the time. The communication of concepts in one’s own language promotes broader and deeper understanding, and aids faster and further healing.” an Aboriginal Resource Officer, Saskatoon Police Service, SK, Canada 2001


"Thanks for letting us know about your great web site. We will be making use of your English, French, Dene, Cree, German and Arabic resources." Unity House, Fort McMurray, AB, Canada 2000

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