Address: PO Box 1358
Telephone: 678 - 24000
Fax: 678 - 25764
Contact Person: Merilyn Tahi - Coordinator
Set up in September 1992 as the Committee Against Violence Against Women. In 1993 it became the Vanuatu Women’s Centre.

The establishment of the VWC was a direct result of the concern expressed by women in the country over the assault of women in their homes.

The VWC is managed by a Collective Committee and a Board Management which was set up in 1997. There is a total of 6 staff – 3 counsellors and 3 administrative staff.

Aim/objectives: To provide a support network for victims of violence, to provide individual and family counselling, community awareness programs, and to look at ways of reforming laws which will better help victims of violence. The Centre strives for a non-violent society. Offers free counseling services. Accompaniment of clients to court or to other places of referrals such as the police, hospitals, chief or religious meetings. Education and awareness raising – involves visits to villages or islands; community education such as workshops in rural villages and raising their awareness on the issues of Domestic Violence, Incest, Rape, Child Abuse, Maintenance and legal rights; radio programs; invitation from schools, church groups, women’s groups, academic and tertiary institutions.

Funding: International Women’s Development Agency until 1999 when AusAID took over with FWCC being the Project Manager for VWC.


Address: Box 335, Luganville, Santo
Telephone: 678 - 36157
Fax: 678 - 36157

Contact Person: Annie Philemon – Project Officer
It was opened in August 1995, although the Committee Against Violence Against Women in Luganville had been set up and working since 1993. A committee was formed comprising of women from various church women’s groups and the Luganville Town Council for women. The idea of setting up a counselling centre was brought up and funding was sought from the New Zealand Government.

It was set up to reduce Gender Violence in Vanautu by the promotionn of respect, cooperation and improved communication in family relationships and changing community attitudes towards violence to women and children.

Aim/objectives: To provide individual and family counseling to women and children who have experienced violence; to conduct community education and awareness programs on domestic violence and women’s rights; inform women of their legal rights and the processes required utilise these; establish good working relationships with key organisations and services; to enhance SCC organizational capacity to manage its services and programs in an efficient, accountable and sustainable manner.

Funding: The New Zealand government has been funding the Centre since its inception.