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Legal Center «Khimoya»

Address: 72A Azimov str. Tashkent 700060, Uzbekistan
Tel./fax: (3712) 136-37-26,136-37-74, 53-61-30

     Legal Center "Khimoya" is non-state woman's organization registered in 1992 by Mirabad Khokimiyat.
The main purpose of the Center is defense of the rights of women and children, is well as elimination of any kind of discrimination toward them. Center organizes special programs on the legislation themes by TV and radio, strengthens foreign economic activity, renders practical assistance in the creation of scientific, cultural, international links, attracts foreign specialists in he area of rights for the solution of founding problems, conducts large scale work in makhalla committees such as meeting with women on legislation themes, arrangement of meetings, round-tables, as well as questions and answers on the actual problems at present. It is planned to publish regular information bulletin on the defense of women's right and distribution of laws and international documents in the field of rights. In this connection, in near future it is planned to organize Women-Lawyers Association of the Republic, the main aim of which will be consolidation of efforts of women-lawyers and women of other professions on elimination of women and youth illiteracy in the field of law, working out and implementation of concrete projects and programs. These projects and programs are as follows: development of international cooperation and studying international experience with other non-state women's organizations and associations, investigation of employment possibilities for women in the transitional period of market relations, social security of unmarried mothers, holding seminars in regions on improvement of legal literacy in rural areas, support to entrepreneurship activity of women, work on the publication and distribution of different information materials on rights in form of books, manuals, brochures, methodological recommendations, etc.
Another direction of the Center's activity is analysis of civil, customs, tax, labor, family codes that will allow to implement the work on survey of legal position of women and children in the Republic. The work is being conducted on the enhancement of professional literacy among lawyers, the Center's employees actively participate in different seminars, conferences, discussions, symposiums, including the international ones.