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What You Can Do If You Know a Woman in an Abusive Relationship

excerpted from:

  • read this pdf book/livre
  • be patient and understanding
  • help her make a safety plan
  • believe her
  • encourage her to call a transition house for information and support
  • encourage and support her to make her own decisions
  • let her know you’ll stand by her no matter what she decides
  • be patient if she is confused or unsure about what to do

  • ask why she stays
  • put the abuser down (she may still love the abuser)
  • tell her what to do
  • believe the common myths about woman abuse
  • judge or lecture her

The messages you want to send:
  • Her safety and her children’s safety are the most important issues.
  • Physical and sexual abuse are crimes.
  • She is not the cause of her abuse.
  • Violence is never okay.
  • She is not alone.
  • She cannot change her partner’s behaviour.
  • Abuse is not a loss of control, it is a means of control.

Remember: You have a responsibility to report to Child Protection Services when children have witnessed repeated incidents of abuse or are being directly abused.

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