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The Broken Promise of Justice in the
Courts for Women and Children

"The Vancouver Custody & Access Support and Advocacy Association was formed in 1993 by workers from Munroe House, Battered Women's Support Services, Women's Research Centre, and Vancouver Status of Women. Our purpose is to work for the rights, safety, and protection of women and children in custody and access disputes.

We developed the Mediation Wheel to illustrate the devastating effects of the beliefs of the family justice mediation system on women's and children's lives."

from Listening to the Thunder, Women's Research Centre, Vancouver, 1995

The Mediation Wheel in chart form:

Below is an image of the Mediation Wheel as it was originally conceived for the poster produced by The Vancouver Custody & Access Support and Advocacy Association. We are not able to reproduce or supply it as a wheel in readable form, only in the chart form above.

Mediation Wheel

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