Violence - you can make a difference - Violence against women
"Jealousy and possessiveness
are not a sign of true love.
they are an early warning
of abuse.  Recognize
the signals and get help."

Excerpt from Canada's Private Broadcasters' 1996 anti-Violence
Radio and Television Campaign

Dating violence can be

As an individual you can...

  • Help young people build their self-esteem.
    -    Acknowledge the positive things they do.
    -    Listen respectfully when they are telling you something.
    -    Believe what they say and take it seriously.
    -    Allow them to make decisions appropriate to their abilities.
  • Help young people be self-reliant.
    -    Teach them to resolve conflicts without violence.
    -    Teach them that the use of force and insults is not acceptable in a caring relationship.
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    -    Teach them that no person has the right to possess or control another person.
    -    Teach them that excessive jealousy is not a sign of love but a sign of insecurity and a need to control.
  • Practice what you preach.
    -   Treat other people with respect.
    -   Use non-violent ways to deal with conflict and anger.
    -   Speak out against attitudes and behaviours that are abusive.
    -   Learn more about violence in relationships and the resources available in your community that help young people in trouble.
  • As a community person
    you can…
    • Tell representatives of the media or advertisers that the portrayal of violence as a way to solve problems, control other people or get one's own way is not acceptable.
    • Encourage your local school to include programs that promote the building of self-esteem and positive ways of relating to people.
    Material adapted from Dating Violence fact sheet, Alberta Office for the Prevention of Family Violence.
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