Abuse in Lesbian Relationships &
Lesbian Friendly Service:

A Saskatchewan Survey (2001-2002)

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Appendix C: Understanding Heterosexual Privilege

Y / N
__ __ I can talk freely about my family life and important relationships to colleagues at work, co-parishioners, etc.

__ __ My partner and I can go shopping together, pretty well assured that we will not be harassed.

__ __ I can kiss my partner farewell at the airport, confident that onlookers will either ignore us or smile understandingly.

__ __ I can be pretty sure that our neighbours where we live will be friendly, or at least neutral.

__ __ Our families and church community are delighted to celebrate with us the gift of our love and commitment.

__ __ I can walk into any bookstore, sure that I will find books there that reflects my relational experiences.

__ __ If my partner is seriously ill, I know I will be admitted to the intensive-care unit to visit her.

__ __ If I am unemployed, I know that I have access to health-care coverage through my partner's insurance.

__ __ Books that my children read in school contain stories and pictures of families much like ours.

__ __ Organisations I belong do not feel threatened by my membership.

__ __ I can find appropriate cards for my partner, to celebrate special occasions like anniversaries.

__ __ I grew up feeling that my loves and friendships were healthy and normal.

__ __ If I experience violence on the street it will not be because I am holding hands with my partner.

__ __ We can choose public accommodations when we are travelling without having to worry about whether we are acceptable as a couple.

__ __ If one of us dies, the other can be confident of the support and understanding of family, colleagues, church community, friends. The obituary will not read, "no immediate survivors."

__ __ My partner and I can be confident of being eligible for "married student housing" should one of us decide to go back to school.

__ __ My partner is welcome to attend office parties with me.

__ __ I have always known that there are other people like me in the world.
(From Lesbians Working to End Violence in Lesbian Relationships)